Artist Statement

Artist Statement-

I made my first print in high school. I made a few more prints in a college printmaking class. The medium didn’t seem like a good fit at the time. I switched my interest to clay in college and put off reuniting my interest in printmaking until I did my Masters in the Art of Teaching at the University of Louisville. After many semesters in the print shop found carving into linoleum with a one millimeter gauge brought my fluid images to life. Since then, the medium has been my journal. The cuts on the plate contain my tears of joy and sorrow as I have traveled through my life. My subject matter is life as I see it, feel it, and remember it. My hope is that those looking will find a common ground with me.

I work in the printmaking process because it affirms my place as an observer and participant in life. Through printmaking, I can turn an image around and get another view. It is like looking in a mirror to see who you are. My conception of an image happens on the sheet of linoleum. I draw directly on the linoleum block; revising my image as I cut into the linoleum using a one millimeter gouge. The gouge is like my pencil or brush. I develop my image as I create the print. Because life moves on, my style is constantly evolving, much like a painter. I don’t concentrate on developing a style and then repeating that look time after time. My vision progresses through time. My hands record that journey through line, shape and ink.


Debby Stratford